Vision and Values
We believe in our leadership as a real estate investment, development, management and leasing corporation which utilizes strategic value enhancement tools in order to transform distressed real estate and brownfields in the United States into successful, well-positioned commercial real estate.

We believe in excellence of execution from our in-house people and respected partner firms.

We believe that in accomplishing the revitalization of blighted properties where we invest, we can provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe and productive environment for people to work and live. 

We believe that it is important to treat all people with honesty, respect, courtesy and dignity. We expect these basic traits of integrity from our in-house people and outsourced service providers.

We believe that service, quality and reliability to our corporate clients and partners are essential values.

We believe that we can discover new and more effective ways of recycling and redeveloping commercial real estate, improving both traditional redevelopment, build-to-suit and leasing methods; and non-traditional innovative tools, such as outdoor media, telecommunications, corporate sponsorships and right of way acquisition.

We believe in respect for the safety, health and welfare of our host communities and the surrounding environment. 

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