president's note

The new millenium is proving to be an exciting time for us. We secured new equity positions in commercial real estate that are primed for value enhancement. At each site that we recycle and redevelop, we expect excellence in service, quality, reliability, innovation, and relationships from our in-house people and outsourced partners. 

Opportunities for revitalizing underused properties are plentiful. These opportunities result from the convergence of various factors.  Environmental regulations are more flexible and supportive to the redevelopment of brownfields and other underutilized assets. Zoning actions, outdoor media, technology infrastructure, corporate sponsorship of public art, naming rights and other innovative tools can be applied to the revitalization mix.  And, new government incentive programs for company relocation are being introduced, while older ones continue to be useful.  We believe these and other factors will allow ALR to bestow benefits to our corporate clients, public and private partners, and the families who live and work in the neighborhoods where we invest.

I thank the corporations that put their trust in us; the community members that extend their support for our revitalization efforts; the professionals who are involved at our sites; and the government representatives who foster revitalization of blighted neighborhoods through their expertise and diligence. I look forward to working together towards common goals in the future.

As Abraham Lincoln stated, "Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good."  These words are as true today as they were during Lincoln's life.  Yes, paradoxically, brownfields and blighted real estate are good.  With God's help, and your assistance in whatever role you are commissioned to act in�we can turn many of these inner city and suburban "beasts"�into productive, safe and valuable "beauties."


Susan Stann, J.D.
Revised March 17, 2003

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