Mission Statement
American Land Recycling Corporation ("ALR") and its affiliates consists of an accomplished team of experienced professionals.  The company will continue to acquire equity positions in commercial real estate, outdoor media and rights of way, and to develop these quality assets. Acquisitions will be based on realistic values for ALR's investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners. ALR's real estate activities will take place primarily on the east coast of the United States, focusing on undervalued brownfield properties. The size of building acquisitions will usually comprise 100,000 SF and greater, though there are exceptions for certain buildings such as, for retail properties and other unique situations. 

Once properties are acquired or developed, ALR provides all of the skills, services and systems necessary to achieve a high level of quality and reliability. The company strives to enhance the value at each of its properties in order to realize the highest profit and success, while maintaining optimal relations with the surrounding community.  In achieving these goals, ALR seeks the most talented and skilled in-house people, together with its outsourced respected partner firms.

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