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ALR Outdoor, together with American Land Recycling, is a media owner and supporter of "bringing outdoor graphics to blighted communities."  Our outdoor media products include: 1) Spectacular Wallscapes or BrandSculpt™ (3-D Sculpture); and 2) BrownfieldArt™ (Corporate sponsorship of public art/graphics supporting revitalization of areas in cities). All of our locations are visible from major highways and/or high traffic streets.

Brownfields and other blighted real estate are often ideally suited for outdoor media according to some state and local requirements. And, there may be public relations benefits to your client/company when it assists in the revitalization of a community. Our in-house legal resources and ALR partners in TAB reports, engineering, design/production, installation and other necessary fields of expertise are ready when you are.  Whether you need a spectacular highway wallscape in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami or Chicago�we may be able to secure the location for you. You may fill out the contact form below with the information that is important to you. Or email  By telephone, call us at 610.524.6440.

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