Corporate Leasing
The ALR leasing team and commercial real estate brokerage firms are in charge of our leasing activities. With our in-house legal group and respected partners, ALR is uniquely positioned to provide legal, environmental, tax, insurance, zoning  and other analyses in respect of corporate lease packages for our preferred clients. Client confidentiality is strictly observed.  

Our Corporate Solutions Can Equal Substantial Design/Build, Lease, Tax, Employee and Other Savings 

Where an ALR property is located  in an Enterprise, Keystone and/or Empowerment Zone designated area, we offer prospective corporate lessees ALR's Corporate Savings Protocol a Corporate Savings Analysis, and a Corporate Client Solutions Package. 

The ALR Corporate Savings Protocol

This first phase of our savings analysis outlines the financial options available in jurisdictions where your business currently has activities, and/or where you could locate your activities�in an American Land Recycling Designated Savings Site (ALR-DSS) or other site identified by our team.  This customized financial savings roadmap, may include such items as a comparison of what your company is currently paying in taxes and�what you could be paying at an ALR-DSS.

The ALR Corporate Savings Analysis (ALR-CSA)

The second phase of ALR's Corporate Savings Solutions begins when you have a specific need to relocate and/or save money.  We look at potential sites for your relocation, and perform a CSA or site specific analysis of available and appropriate financial savings options for your business.

The following tax savings were put into place by government agencies in order to prompt revitalization of distressed sites. The CSA includes an analysis of layered financial savings strategies developed from various sources including: 

~ Employee tax savings
~ State and federal income tax savings
~ Sales tax savings on equipment purchasing
~ Free or subsidized employee training
~ Other government-based incentive packages that are constantly evolving.

The ALR Corporate Solutions Package�Putting the CSA to Work for You

Once we have identified the savings strategy that works best for you, the third phase of ALR's Corporate Savings Solutions begins.  Working together with your tax, accounting, legal and/or other team members, we pursue the savings from various sources that your team chooses to tackle. Like a quarterback on a football team, we guide your team towards the goal line . . . securing the most advantageous lease, sale/leaseback or lease/purchase plan.  This can include the preparation of relevant documentation and negotiations with public and private representatives. 

To explore how we can help you accomplish your business goals email corporateservices@americanlandrecycling.com  or call 610.524.6440. Ask for a corporate leasing representative to discuss your needs in full confidentiality.  Back to ALR Commercial Properties main page.

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