How to Avoid Environmental Liability

How to Avoid Environmental Liability:  A Practical Guide for Real Estate Owners, Lenders and Professionals, Second Edition.

Description of book: Millions of properties are subject to at least one significant environmental problem such as hazardous waste; CERCLA liability; underground storage tanks; or compliance problems.  Mr. Randall Airst, Esq., LLM, an attorney with American Land Recycling, and faculty member of Johns Hopkins University, outlines a variety of strategies that can help property owners and lenders minimize environmentally-related losses.  These strategies can also be used by firms offering environmental servcies.  Environmental vendors can team up with other environmental professionals to help clients reduce both cleanup costs and legal exposure.

 "A thoroughly researched and valuable reference for environmental professionals and attorneys." 
~ CAHNERS Reprint Services and POLLUTION ENGINEERING Magazine 

To order a copy of this book, email: or call American Land Recycling at 610.524.6440, or
fax your request to 610.524.6464, Attn:  publication orders   Price of each copy:  $125.00. (U.S.)

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