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Due Diligence and Risk Management Services
American Land Recycling offers corporate clients and equity partners a full range of due diligence and risk management services through our in-house legal team together with our respected partners of the ALR Network. The ALR Due Diligence and Risk Management Program's
scope of services include: 

corporate mergers, sales, divestitures and exchanges implications
title verification, ownership history, legal description, appraisal and valuation review
negotiation, environmental and other due diligence, risk management and acquisition
document preparation and review
jurisdictional permit examination and review
right of way dimensions, facilities covered and location
product and other restrictions
grantors' and other party documentation review and verification
review and analysis of assignability, easements, appurtenances and encumbrances
fee and licensed land identification
work space, ingress and egress verification
line right verification
inception and expiration of rights
abandonment, closure and breach of contract provisions
prepaid, liquidated damages and costs to exercise additional rights clauses and provisions
condemnation support and documentation
settlement and closing proceedings
construction and other contractor liason
filing documentation and records management
exhibit, maps and other supporting documentation
community liason, public relations and support as per securities regulations and policies

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