Through our in-house team and respected ALR partners, we provide a full range of real estate development services to corporate clients.  With our legal group, for example, we are able to get the necessary documentation and approvals done quickly and efficiently.  Start-to-finish services include:

                                                  site selection
                                                  land planning
                                                  government approvals
                                                  real estate development
                                                  architecture and construction
                                                  asset and property management
                                                  financing and leasing

Substantial tax savings and other benefits are often available when a company relocates to or acquires an underused property in certain communities in the United States, e.g. an ALR designated property. ALR's legal group, partner firms and/or government representatives can meet with your professional advisors to review the savings possibilities and benefits. Also, we recognize the telecommunications requirements and other specialized needs of businesses in redeveloping these sites. 

ALR's principal team has many years of experience in quarterbacking the revitalization, redevelopment, financing, leasing and management of commercial, industrial and retail properties.  See our history.  Back to ALR Commercial Properties main page.

For inquiries, email: or call us at 610.524.6440. 

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