Our Commitment to Communities Where We Invest
Investment in blighted areas of inner cities and suburbs

ALR is dedicated to improving the communities where we invest.  Our goal is to positively impact the quality of life for families living and working in these areas.  This goal is supported through various corporate vehicles. We transform "brownfields into beauties" through two main methods:  a)  Traditional redevelopment and revitalization of sites;  b)  Non-traditional redevelopment and revitalization of sites which are obsolete and where no present and desired market exists. These non-traditional methods include:  1. Outdoor Media which adheres to strict moral and ethical standards  2.  Corporate Sponsorship and Naming Rights  through the ALR In the Name of Revitalization™ Program and ALR's new BrownfieldArt™  Services�Bringing Public Art and Media to Revitalization Efforts Through Corporate Sponsorship.

American Land Recycling is committed to enhancing the value of blighted properties and surrounding neighborhoods. For updates on projects see The ALR Report or
visit this page at a later date.   For comments or questions, email:

"Thoughts About Improving Blighted Communities"
The American Land Recycling Childrens' Artwork and Writing Forum

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