Real Property and Asset Acquisition Services
Over the past 15 years, ALR's principals have quarterbacked investments in assets comprising well over one million square feet of commercial properties.  With our in-house legal resources, we are positioned to skillfully and quickly apply the a) ALR Real Property (Asset) Analysis and b) ALR Risk Management Program towards the successful acquisition of real estate, including rights-of-way. 

The company primarily targets multi-tenant commercial and industrial buildings, particularly brownfield properties where fundamental asset value has not been realized. Generally, the acquisition targets will be greater than 100,000 rentable square feet, but exceptions are made under the right circumstances, such as proximity to and visibility from a major highway. Our corporate client services are available as part of planned divestitures, mergers and individual or portfolio acquisitions.  We acquire a real property equity position either alone, or with our respected partners.  Community care and a sensitivity to public relations is also applied throughout the acquisition process.

ALR Asset Acquisition Analysis 
We apply the ALR Asset Analysis to each property that fits our corporate mission and long-term goals. Our Acquisition Analysis or profiling includes a legal, environmental, valuation, pro forma, zoning, land use, tax, insurance, and other relevant dissections.

ALR  Risk Management Program
A variety of legal, insurance, financial, environmental and government-based tools are available at certain properties, particularly brownfields. Many of these tools can substantially limit regulatory, financial and other risks and liabilities.  See our publications by ALR executives. The risk management process at a site is an exciting stage whereby ALR principals and team members bring their experience, skills,  and alliances into play.  Each team member of our project acts in their commissioned role to prepare the groundwork for successful revitalization.

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